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Gabrielle Mancuso, PhD, NLPp, CCHt, CI
In Gabrielle's own words:  "I offer my clients a whole new experience of Spiritual Hypnosis.  I believe when your work is complete, each client feels uplifted, illuminated and inspired.  With direction and perhaps for the some the first time, a more inspired goal  for their future happiness and well being.  I am of the opinion that like most psychologists and psychiatrists most non-trauma issues are due to a painful emotional event or events in ones history.  Either created by themselves or others in their past (this current life past or other past/parallel lives).  Therefore with my guided help each client begins to address and rid themselves of these painful memories allowing control over her/his own healing or fate."
Gabrielle  has exceeded the educational requirements of even the most demanding medical associations. She has pursued additional educationand experience in such specializations as energy psychology & spiritual hypnosis and has attended at least 3 conferences per year since 2004. She is a member of, Board affiliated, and/or certified by, the organizations listed below. Being a part of such associations requires a high level of education and experience and a firm resolve to receive the best in educational opportunities through individual research and mandatory continuing education.

1969 Manchester University - Great Britain, AA/FA
(BA United States equivalent degree) in Art History



to 1988 

California College Educational System special subjects professorship (CA Lifetime Credential #174388). Teaching at Foothill, DeAnza, Cabrillo, San Jose City and Evergreen Colleges in the Silicon Valley area of California. 
2001  Omni Hypnosis Institute - NGH Board Certification Hypnosis and Ultra Height Practioner
2003 Ericksonian Hypnosis Cerification, Sedona, Arizona
2004 Gil Boyne for Certification Clinical Hypnosis at the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
2005 Banyan Hypnosis Institute -
Certification in 5th Path® 7th Path® Therapies
2006 University of California at Santa Cruz, Master Certification NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

HypnoPsychology ® Trademark owner
Founder/Director: Science of Hypnopsychology® and
Science of Hypnosychology Institute (non-Profit)

2007 University  of Aberdeen -Psychology Masters (MA)

EFT Foundation (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Certification - Practioner (EFTp)

2008  University  of Aberdeen, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
2010 Weiss Omega Institute
Past and Progressive Life  Master Certification
2010 Pacific Unitarian Universalist Church, Santa Barbara California, Doctor of Divinity Degree (DD)
2012 University of Sedona, Sedona, Arizona
Doctor of Metaphysical Science (MscD)

Certified Instructor (CI)

National Guild of Hypnotists, Maralbourghoro, MA

  • International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)
  • International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)
  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
  • Board Certified National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)




Gabrielle Mancuso holds a PhD in Philosophy and is NOTa Medical Doctor (MD), nor does she hold a California State License in either psychology or social services. She does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder. As such, she does not prescribe medical treatment or medication(s) and does not perform physical manipulation. Hypnosis, NLP, EFT,  Intuitive Readings and/or Life Coaching are not a substitutes for medical examination or diagnosis or treatment.  Medical Physicians are affiliated with Gabrielle Mancuso in that she works as the coordinator for the Integrative Physicians group in Carmel California.  Within this membership are exceptional doctors who she is happy to refer you to if necessary or desired.


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Gabrielle Mancuso PhD, MscD  ~ SCIENCE OF HYPNOPSYCHOLOGY ®    Copyright © 1999-2013 All Rights Reserved ~ ~


The services rendered by Gabrielle Mancuso and Science of Intuitive Hypnopsychology® are held out to the public as a form of motivational coaching combined with instruction in self-hypnosis and Hypnosis and Intuitive Certifications. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. We do not represent our services as any form of medical health care or direct psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law we may make no health benefit claims for our services.
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